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It’s 2016!: Equal Pay for Women

Thanks in part to famous women like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson the issue of equal pay for women has gained renewed traction. It is 2016, after all! Of course, women and their allies have been pushing for equal pay for equal work for a long time. Unfortunately, many women continue make less than their […]

Am I Really an Independent Contractor?

An increasing number of businesses (think: Uber!) use “independent contractors” instead of “employees”, casting off the responsibility to deduct taxes and contribute to programs like Employment Insurance or the Canada Pension Plan. But what effect does working as an independent contractor have on your rights as a worker? Does the fact that you are called […]

NEWS: Federal Court of Appeal Upholds Air Ambulance Certification

At a hearing yesterday, the Federal Court of Appeal dismissed an employer’s application for judicial review of a Canada Industrial Relations Board decision certifying a bargaining unit that included pilots and in-flight paramedics. The employer argued that while its pilots were federally regulated employees of an airline, its in-flight paramedics worked on air ambulances and should be […]