Stephanie Shreve


Justice motivates Stephanie, pure and simple.  For two decades, she served her community as a police professional, upholding social justice and championing the rule of law.  She advanced to the rank of police sergeant, and served on the Police Service’s Harassment Advisory Committee.

Throughout her policing career, Stephanie performed several roles which exposed her to various aspects of employment and human rights issues. Appointed as the Police Service’s first Diversity Officer, Stephanie was responsible for establishing meaningful relationships with London’s highly-valued diverse communities. Stephanie was particularly well-suited for this latter role; a perfect fit, as she is a natural advocate who demonstrates both passion and logic in equal measure.

Despite a meaningful 20-year career in policing, a decades-long goal of practicing law endured. Recognizing her impact upon issues of human rights, equity, and power imbalance could be enhanced through the practice of law, Stephanie reasoned that pursuing a law degree would be a powerful way to continue down her personal and professional path of social accountability and meaningful advocacy.

Stephanie’s employment law practice is all about conceiving creative, well-formulated, and sensitive legal solutions, in partnership with clients. She places particular emphasis on addressing human rights issues in the employment context, and is determined to provide legal services to those who would otherwise have difficulty accessing justice.

Stephanie is a graduate of Western University Law School, and a member of the Middlesex Law Association and the Advocates’ Society. She articled with McMahon Morrison Watts, before joining the firm as an associate in 2015.