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It’s 2016!: Equal Pay for Women

Thanks in part to famous women like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson the issue of equal pay for women has gained renewed traction. It is 2016, after all! Of course, women and their allies have been pushing for equal pay for equal work for a long time. Unfortunately, many women continue make less than their […]

Am I Really an Independent Contractor?

An increasing number of businesses (think: Uber!) use “independent contractors” instead of “employees”, casting off the responsibility to deduct taxes and contribute to programs like Employment Insurance or the Canada Pension Plan. But what effect does working as an independent contractor have on your rights as a worker? Does the fact that you are called […]

Criminal Charges, Non-Conviction Records and Your Job

Recent changes to Ontario law make it harder for an employer to find out if their employees (or prospective employees) have faced criminal charges in the past – unless those charges resulted in a conviction. But, these changes haven’t banned discrimination on the basis of non-conviction charges (cases where charges were dropped or you enter […]

5 Years of Bill 168: Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance?

The Ontario government’s 2009 amendments to the Occupational Health & Safety Act –often referred to as Bill 168 – came into effect in 2010. These new rules expanded an employer’s responsibility to protect its employees from violence and harassment in the workplace, putting these safety risks on par with physical risks that were already addressed […]

Should restaurant servers have to wear high heels?

Last month a number of restaurants came under fire for having dress codes that required women to wear high heels on the job. While restaurants claimed they only wanted their workers to look “polished” on the job, women reported that their managers made sexist comments about men “checking them out” in high heels and ignored […]

After Johnstone: Family Status Discrimination in Ontario

With Family Day just around the corner, many Ontarians are planning to spend some extra quality time with their loved ones this weekend. But, apart from a day off for those workers who fall under the Employment Standards Act, 2000’s protections, what rights do people with families have at work? The Ontario Human Rights Code […]